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Why Choose Roman Electric Company?

Whether constructing new churches, renovating buildings or upgrading power systems, developing religious facilities requires specialized skills. That's why construction managers, general contractors, and religious facility owners and managers have relied on Roman Electric since 1929 for skilled design and construction.

Roman electrical engineers and designers can provide customized electrical power, production and lighting systems to fit your need and desires. Then Roman's highly trained electricians install the new or renovated systems.

Electrical construction by Roman includes the most effective distribution of power, maximum safety, use of highly efficient materials and tooling, compliance with all local codes, and complete customer satisfaction.


Experience and Capability:


Elegant Church Increases Capability With Two-Level Addition


Beautiful Lighting Renovation Highlights Church Grandeur


Beautiful New Greek Orthodox Church


The Enduring Beauty of St. Josaphat Basilica


Addition to St. Ann Rest Home Adds Space and Improved Systems


Fast Response Restores St. Alphonsus Power


St. Augustine’s Now Has Lighted Clock on Bell Tower


Major Expansion For Chapel On The Hill


Elegant Church Increases Capability With Two-Level Addition


Immanuel Presbyterian Church, the oldest congregation in Milwaukee, marked its 177th anniversary this year with a two-story addition. Constructed at the southeast corner of the building, the addition matches the exterior of the original, which was built in 1875. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.


General contractor on the job was Berghammer Construction. Roman Electric handled the electrical work.


Space for the unusual addition was added by excavating beneath the existing building. Then the new building, on the first floor and lower level, was constructed of a limestone exterior with trim of red and gray sandstone and Scottish granite to look exactly like the original.


The addition includes a new entry, a boardroom and two rest rooms on the first floor. The sizable lower level includes a nursery, Sunday School rooms, and multi-purpose space for youth activities and the choir.
A new covered entrance in the back leads to a new parking lot.


Roman removed the existing electrical service and added a new 1200 amp service with new metering - a complete replacement of the entire power system. All the lighting in the church was replaced with LED lighting. Ceiling lighting was accessed through the attic and retrofitted with recessed LED can lights.


In the chancel and choir loft area Roman installed LED horizontal strip lights to highlight the ceiling, and vertical LED spots and floods to accent specific features on both sides of the chancel. With banks of dimming controls, all lighting can be adjusted to yield the light desired for each activity. The improved lighting system reduces wattage consumed by about 40%.



The lower level is lighted with fluorescent U tube lamps and fluorescent lay in tubes in the four classrooms. Outdoor lighting includes accent LED spotlights illuminating the stone columns, walkway bollard lighting and LED pole lamps in the parking lot.

Senior Pastor Rev. Deborah Block said, “The finished job is beautiful. Roman did everything in the new construction from the parking lot lighting to the upgraded sanctuary lighting. We loved Roman!


“They were here from the beginning of the project ‘til the end so we got to know them well. They were great to work with and very responsive to project needs. There would be complications, changes and additions and they always came through.”


Pat Konkel was Berghammer job superintendent and Matt Iwanski was Berghammer project manager. Roman foreman was Paul Courtney. He began his electrical apprenticeshp with Roman in 1982 and has been with the contractor since then.



Beautiful Lighting Renovation Highlights Church Grandeur


Holy Apostles Catholic Church, 16000 W. National Ave., working in stages as funds became available, replaced its aging lighting with unique new lighting combining energy efficiency, beauty and flexibility.


Holy Apostles hired LMH Lighting to design the system and Roman Electric to install the lighting and controls. Inefficient, maintenance-demanding incandescent lamps were replaced with energy saving compact fluorescent and LED lamps.


A new, easy to operate, sophisticated ETC control system lets the church light, turn off and dim lamps to illuminate church events as needed, create dramatic scenes, and extend lamp life.


Light fixtures vary depending on location in the church. The following are all lighted with compact fluorescent lamps. Eighteen canister fixtures each have three 57-watt lamps. Two smaller pendants each contain eight 40-watt central and three 40 watt downlights. Eighteen large pendants each contain 13 lamps: three 70-watt uplights, two 42-watt downlights, and eight 40-watt lamps in the center. Four pendant fixtures at the doors each feature three 42-watt lamps.


Three precisely adjusted theatrical lights with high intensity 150-watt metal halide lamps highlight the crucifix and statues of St. Peter and St. Paul in the sanctuary. Spread around the perimeter of the large dome skylight are 26 50-watt 2700K LED lamps illuminating the sanctuary. The church wanted LEDs for their energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance - significant benefits on such a high ceiling.


The eighteen large pendant fixtures include uplights, which the church never had before, to illuminate their beautiful wood ceiling. The central lamps generate a pleasing bright glow and the downlights provide task lighting.

Fr. Don Thimm, Holy Apostles pastor, said Roman Electric had done period maintenance at the church. "For our first significant project with Roman, I was very impressed," he said, “but I only arrived here as pastor in June of 2012. Roman has been impressing the parish for some time.


“Their commercial service manager Barry Dickinson and
foreman Ben Schiller were just outstanding in the design and implementation, and very respectful. Their suggestions and ideas during the installation continued to add value to the project. Their service was outstanding."


Lynn Howard, owner of LMH Lighting, said, "I worked with Roman's Ben Schiller on the aiming and adjusting of the sanctuary and altar LED lamps. Ben's good so the complex adjustments went pretty fast. He did an excellent job."



Beautiful New Greek Orthodox Church

St. John Chrysostomos Greek Orthodox Monastery in Pleasant Prairie features beautiful decorative stone exteriors and tile domes.St. John Chrysostomos Greek Orthodox Monastery is a beautiful new 30,000 sq. ft. facility on an 80 acre site at 4600 93rd St. in Pleasant Prairie. The complex includes the 10,000 sq. ft. church, an arts and crafts store, a multipurpose room and the large residential wing. It was designed by Roula Alakiotou of Roula Associates Architects in Chicago.

The magnificent Byzantine style church features eight domes, clay tile roofs, and impressive exteriors made with local stone. Work began long before building construction started when the congregation brought in craftsmen from Greece to hand carve the church’s wooden chairs and panels, and ornate stone work.

Ornate lighting fixtures and hand carved wooden chairs and panels grace the church interior.

The church hired Roman Electric’s Racine/Kenosha Division to handle the electrical work. Division vice president Bernie Cleppe said the job was challenging because the open expanse of the church offered few walls and ceilings in which to conceal the electrical wiring for power and lighting.

The Enduring Beauty of St. Josaphat Basilica

A Roman electrician, working 100 ft. above the floor, adjusts lighting at the base of the dome while rejoicing figures in the amazing mural seem to welcome him.That landmark tribute to faith and architectural design, St. Josaphat Basilica at S. 6th and Lincoln, has undergone several “restore the glory” renovations over the years.

Considered by many to be the grandest and most glorious church in Wisconsin - and the only Basilica – it was dedicated in 1901. Besides its breathtakingly beautiful interior, it has a dome nearly as high as the State Capitol’s and seats 2500 people, the largest capacity in the city.

Roman Electric has been active in the renovations. During one restoration Roman replaced the antiquated electrical wiring with a new 800 amp electrical service and distribution system, programmable solid state lighting controls, and new wiring where accessible. More recently Roman electricians again updated wiring, and replaced and readjusted electrical fixtures and lamps.














Addition to St. Ann Rest Home Adds Space and Improved Systems


St. Ann's three-story addition included 4,500 sq. ft. of space per floor, 1,500 sq. ft. of basement space and a resident-pleasing balcony.St. Ann Rest Home, a fixture on Milwaukee's South Side at 2020 S. Muskego Ave., has completed a three-story addition including 13,500 sq. ft and 1,500 sq. ft. in the basement.


Among other things, St. Ann needed dining facilities on the second and third floors, and a full sprinkler system to meet federal mandates. The Rest Home now features state-of-the-art HVAC and electrical systems, two large community rooms for dining and other activities, six new patient rooms, and a beautiful balcony.


St. Ann’s is run by Dominican Sisters from Poland, all of whom speak Polish and wear the traditional habits. The nuns and the residents are very happy with their expanded facility. Steigerwald Construction was the design/build contractor on the project. Roman Electric was design/build electrical contractor on the $2 million second phase addition.


Roman handled all the electrical engineering and installation on the project. The existing electrical service to the building - the old grounded B 240 voltage - was inadequate to handle the addition, and lighting had to be upgraded to meet new energy code requirements. Roman installed a new 208 volt service to provide the needed power.


Mark Steigerwald, President of Steigerwald Construction, said the Dominican Sisters do a great job. "They're energetic, cheerful and keep the entire building impeccably clean," he said.


Mark said, "Roman did real well. They came in with a great plan and a good price and performed very well. During the heat ofResidents and employees were also greatly pleased with new, large dining and community activity rooms on the second and third floors. the project we got a surprise inspection from OSHA and they just grilled the workers, especially the apprentices. They took Roman's apprentice aside in a private room and just interrogated the guy. But he answered all their questions. Roman had everything in order and a good system in place. Thanks to Roman I'm surviving all that with flying colors."


Sr. Andrea Katarzyna Andrzejewska, OP, Nursing Home Administrator, said, "We are very pleased with Roman's work. We began with a brainstorming session to discuss the facility's needs and our design. When we have questions they always patiently explain what they're going to do and what we will accomplish. We like that. They are doing a nice, clean job and are easy to talk to."


Roman Vice President - Design & Development Gabe Rose served as designer and account manager. His foreman on the job was Ben Schiller.




Fast Response Restores St. Alphonsus Power

St. Alphonsus, 6080 W. Loomis Rd. in Greendale, one of the largest Catholic churches in the Milwaukee area, suffered a devastating fire on Christmas Eve, 2011. The fire, which authorities said was of undetermined origin, started where the electrical and heating systems converge at the sacristy.


The fast response of the Greendale Fire Department limited major damage to the sanctuary and nave areas but the Fire Department had electrical power to the whole building shut down which included the church’s school.


Because Roman Electric had done work for St. Alphonsus over the years, the parish business manager knew many Roman executives and called Roman commercial service manager Barry Dickinson early Christmas morning. By 6:30 am Barry was at St. Alphonsus to meet with pastor Fr. Alan Jurkus, school officials, the church’s insurance rep and Dick Drew of Kelmann Restoration, which would rebuild the fire damaged structures.


The primary goal was to restore power as soon as possible. Barry made calls on Christmas to set up a Roman crew. At 7:00 am on the 26th, a holiday, Barry, foreman Ben Schiller and three other electricians began work. They removed the mass of burnt wire, melted feeder conduits, shorted wires, melted insulation and damaged breakers from the main service. Then they installed temporary wiring so clean up could start.


In the mean time Barry encouraged city officials to let Roman skip the usual red tape and immediately begin work on a holiday. He disturbed the Greendale electrical inspector at a family gathering to ask for his approval Monday. Finally he asked WE Energies to inspect the rebuilt electrical system and restore the power. By the end of the day Monday the power was back on.


Later Roman installed the new lighting system the church bought. Fr. Alan chose an LED system. He said, “Before we had over 70 fixtures with 300 or 400 watt incandescent bulbs. They looked like industrial warehouse fixtures. These new lamps look good, should save us about $4,000 per year in energy costs and throw very nice light. Roman did a great job.”






St. Augustine’s Now Has Lighted Clock on Bell Tower

Working from a 125’ lift truck, Roman electrician Rick Woznicki installs lighting. After 99 years, Saint Augustine of Hippo Catholic Church, 2530 S. Howell Ave., has a new lighted clock on its bell tower. The clock face had been there since 1908 and the church finally had the clock mechanism put in late last year. They hired Roman Electric to install electricity and lighting for night-time viewing.

After 99 years, St. Augustine’s has a lighted clock on its bell tower.

“Roman sure did a fine job,” said Fr. Jan Kieliszewski, pastor. “They explained how they would light the clock and then very efficiently did it.” Roman project manager was Barry Dickenson. Electricians Mike Blankenmeyer and Rick Woznicki installed the power and lighting system.














Major Expansion For Chapel On The Hill

Chapel on the Hill, an independent community-based church in Lake Geneva, built a three story 8,400 sq ft addition and remodeled over 7,000 sq ft of existing space. Pastor Dr. Bob Bardin said, “It’s been a great addition.”


Scherrer Construction was the general contractor and Roman Electric Company, Inc. was the electrical contractor, each working on a design/build basis.


Greg Odden, project manager on the job for Scherrer, said the addition was put on the back corner of the facility but you don’t feel like you’re in a distant wing. He said, “The building, in a natural setting, feels like an ideal place to work. You look out the windows and you’re in the tree tops in a well maintained wooded area. You look down the hill and see the lake.”


The expansion added or improved a variety of functions. On the upper level are offices for the pastor and associate pastor, a large conference room, a library and a new kitchen. The next two levels down provide new space for education and social activities for high school, middle school and younger students. A new acoustically designed choir room, adult classrooms, and two bathrooms were also added.


Greg Odden said one of the building’s problems was no elevator. To get from the first floor to upper floors you had to go outside, up a ramp and over a bridge. Now there’s a new elevator providing access to all three floors.


Roman Electric upgraded the electrical system to a three phase, four wire electrical service. They powered the elevator and the new HVAC system, upgraded lighting and power lines, and installed a new fire alarm network serving the entire building, and a rescue assistance system. Roman TechNet installed the low voltage data cable systems for the addition.


An old copy room was gutted and rebuilt. Roman reworked electrical lines to conveniently power computers, monitors, other equipment and outlets. Each room in the addition was set up with multiple data point systems by Roman, some preset for smart board systems. The new large high school room has a stage on one end with a smart board system controlling theatrical lighting for music and theater presentations.


Roman designed and installed an energy management system with lighting controlled via a master time clock able to be programmed according to the church’s specific needs. “That eliminated a lot of energy waste,” Greg said. “After Roman installed the new service, Alliant came out, pulled the plug, Roman and Alliant did their switchover at the same time, and we were re-energized in four hours.”


Greg said, “Gabe Rose, who managed the project for Roman, was very enjoyable to work with. At one of our first meetings Gabe walked through the entire project with the owner’s rep and the pastor. During a room to room tour he gave them a detailed description of what each completed area would contain in power, lighting, energy savings, and data points, where they would be located and how they would look. That helps a lot. Owners don’t always know and they’re embarrassed to ask.”


Pastor Bardin said, “Jeff Muth was the foreman for Roman but had many other electricians working with him. And of course Jeff is a member here. We were highly pleased with Jeff’s and Roman’s work.”


Greg said the work was very enjoyable, a real seamless job. “This was the first time I worked with Roman,” he said. “They did a real nice job. Their foreman Jeff Muth was very professional. I’ve known him for years, but you know when people are a cut above. And you know it with him. He did a good job for Roman, watched out for the owner and even the other contractors. Cooperation like that is always to everyone’s benefit.”





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