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“Tough Project, Nice Job” “Always Do a Good Job”
“Roman Instrumental in Project Success”

Senior Project Manager Ben Kossow of Riley Construction
Riley VP of Operations Matt Prince
Ron Boecker, WFHCAS Facilities & Safety Director

“Wouldn’t Go With Any Other Electrical Contractor”

Sister Edna Lonergan, OSF, President and Founder of St. Ann Center

“Great Job” “Fantastic Job”

Project Manager Matt Prince of Riley Construction
All Saints Project Coordinator Lori Ley

“Roman Did Well” “Nothing but Praise for Their Work”

Charles Geiger, Lead Engineer for Arnold & O’Sheridan Electrical Engineers
Pam Parker, Community Memorial Administrative Consultant and Retired Chief Operating Officer

“Wonderful, Did Outstanding Job”

Roselle Donaldson, RN, St. Mary’s Director of Surgical Services


“Tough Project, Nice Job” “Always Do a Good Job”
“Roman Instrumental in Project Success”

Two large cardiac operating rooms feature an array of technology including video screens to display X-ray, CT, echocardiogram and other images useful to the surgeons. Wheaton Franciscan Health Care All Saints (WFHCAS) Hospital opened a new $37 million Cardiovascular Institute on its sprawling campus at 3801 Spring St. in Racine. The CVI centralizes cardiac medical and surgical units formerly spread around the campus into one state-of-the-art facility.

Riley Construction was general contractor on the project. Roman Electric was the electrical contractor on a $2.5 million project heavy on electrical requirements to satisfy the growing reliance on high technology systems. Rosie Fowler, WFHCAS vice president, said the CVI has many impressive lighting and electrical systems, with an emphasis on energy-efficiency and energy-saving features.

Ben Kossow, senior project manager for Riley Construction, said, “It was a tough project but we had good rapport with Roman. They did a nice job.” Riley vp of operations Matt Prince said, “We’ve worked with Roman at the hospital for a lot of years. They always do a good job and always come through for us and the client.”

Ron Boecker, WFHCAS director, facilities & safety, handled project development for the hospital. He said the hospital and contractors had a great, exceptionally collaborative, project team. “Roman’s senior leaders provided great support,” he said. “They also had exceptional, responsive, field leadership. Much of the redesign of the three cardiovascular labs was electrical and Roman project foreman Scott Hobus handled it well. Roman was instrumental in the overall success of the project.”

“Wouldn’t Go With Any Other Electrical Contractor”

St. Ann’s new 20,000 sq. ft. Respite Center offers temporary relief for caregivers by providing complete care for their loved ones for up to 20 days. St. Ann Center For Intergenerational Care, 2801 E. Morgan Ave., has added a two-story, 20,000 sq. ft. addition for respite care. With nine well-appointed, private guest rooms, the Respite Center has the pleasing look of a high quality bed and breakfast.

The Respite offers temporary relief to those providing care to loved ones with special needs. Many amenities are included from whirlpool baths to espresso coffee. A fully equipped commercial kitchen provides three hot, healthy meals a day. Complete 24-hour care is afforded by experienced professionals.

Bentley Company was the general contractor for the Respite Center. Roman Electric served as electrical contractor on the job.

Sister Edna Lonergan, OSF, president and founder of St. Ann Center in 1983, was pleased with Roman’s work. “I wouldn’t go with any other electrical contractor,” she said. “The lighting is beautiful, absolutely extraordinary. I like the fact that Roman is very artistic. They installed the lighting in the entire facility. It’s not just creating lighting, it’s creating the right kind of lighting. Like for people with special needs. You want lighting that’s not glaring, that’s restful. Roman puts all that together for us in a very attractive way.”

“Great Job” “Fantastic Job”

All Saints Healthcare’s new 174,000 sq. ft. women and children’s center, called St. Luke’s Health Pavilion (at right), looks out on a peaceful, natural setting. Services provided there include labor and delivery, mammography, ultrasound, gynecology, pediatrics and neonatal intensive care. All Saints Healthcare in Racine is building and remodeling facilities to substantially expand patient care. Roman Electric is a major contributor in the construction activities.

All Saints added second and third floors to its existing Atrium Professional Office Building to accommodate exam and procedure rooms for dermatology, urology, audiology, gastroenterology, and plastic surgery services. First floor orthopedics and physical therapy areas were also remodeled.

Roman wired the shell building and added power, lighting and controls for each specialty area, working one department at a time, and installed two 400 amp panel boards for each floor.

Roman TechNet installed 800 ft. of 900 pair (1800 wires) telephone cable in one four inch conduit, and two innerduct packages of multimode and single mode fiber optic cable for the hospital’s data backbone in a second four inch conduit. Included were low voltage fire alarm cable and two conduits reserved for emergency power.

Project manager Matt Prince, of Riley Construction, said, “Roman did a great job. Roman foreman Vern Lahti was very detail-oriented, conscientious and intelligent. He was a pleasure to work with. He kept his guys focused and prioritized and really contributed to the success of the project.”

All Saints project coordinator Lori Ley said, “Roman did a fantastic job. They’re really great guys.”

“Roman Did Well” “Nothing but Praise for Their Work”

Community Memorial Hospital is undergoing a $60 million expansion. A $60 million expansion at Community Memorial Hospital in Menomonee Falls has added a 50,000 sq. ft. Heart and Vascular Center, new birthing center, Women’s Health Center, more surgical services, new offices and two major additions. Roman Electric is providing about $5 million worth of power and lighting for the additions and remodeling.

Roman installed two 4000 amp primary substations. To insure power at all times, Roman electricians also installed a new emergency power plant consisting of four 600KW generators and a new 2000 amp distribution center. Work on the south addition was critical because power lines had to be run through the existing hospital without disrupting services.

Charles Geiger, lead engineer for Arnold & O’Sheridan Electrical Engineers said, “A hospital is a 24/7 operation so maintaining power was the challenge. Roman did well. They did a lot of advanced planning and kept outages to a minimum.”

The hospital’s representative on the job is Pam Parker, who retired as COO last year and is now administrative consultant. “This is a very complex project with many challenges,” she said. “With new construction underway in critical care, cardiac, diagnostics and surgery, it was very important to have professionals with significant expertise doing the work. The other major challenge had to do with significant renovations where we were confronted with problems that were not necessarily part of the design.

“I can’t praise Roman foreman Kevin Schlax enough. He and the electricians working with him were extremely professional and sensitive to our needs. The whole electrical power changeover could have been very disruptive to our operations if power was down for any period of time. Roman’s people worked in the middle of the night to minimize disruptions and showed significant expertise.

“Kevin identified potential problems and helped us with cost-effective solutions. We were very pleased. I’ve never worked with Roman before and I have nothing but praise for their work.”

“Wonderful, Did Outstanding Job”

St. Mary’s Medical Center in Racine remodeled and expanded its surgical services department. Roman Electric had to carefully organize its work to maintain cleanliness standards and accommodate surgery schedules. All Saints Medical Group, the major provider of healthcare in Racine County, has completed a 14 month renovation of its St. Mary's Medical Center in Racine. The multi-million dollar project reflects the growing emphasis on outpatient services.

Work included adding two more floors of parking, an enclosed parking walkway, a central lab, outpatient surgical offices, and a major operating room upgrade.

Bill Lauzon, All Saints construction engineer, said the job was 90% remodeling and 10% expansion. Roman Electric's Racine/Kenosha Division handled the $1,112,000 worth of electrical remodeling with crews of up to 25 electricians. Reconfiguration made operating rooms larger and allocated space to better serve outpatients.

Roselle Donaldson, RN, director of surgical services, said the hospital was especially concerned about maintaining cleanliness standards during construction, and keeping up with surgery schedules. "Roman's people were wonderful," she said. "They did an outstanding job. They always took our needs into account before doing their work."

St. Mary's subspecialties clinic was also extensively remodeled. The department includes three procedure rooms for minor orthopedic and general surgery, 35 exam rooms, two x-ray rooms, and new state-of-the art equipment was added.

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