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Healthcare New Construction


Why Choose Roman Electric Company?

Because building and remodeling Healthcare facilities requires specialized skills. Skills Roman Electric has developed in the construction of buildings and additions, in automating equipment, upgrading power systems and improving security. That's why construction managers, general contractors, and owners and managers of Healthcare firms have relied on Roman Electric since 1929 for skilled design and construction when building and remodeling.

Roman electrical engineers and designers can provide customized electrical power, patient care, and lighting systems to fit your needs and desires. Then Roman's highly trained Healthcare electricians and cable technicians install the new or renovated systems.

Electrical remodeling by Roman includes the most effective distribution of power, maximum safety, use of highly efficient materials and tooling, compliance with all local codes, and complete customer satisfaction.


Experience and Capability:


New High Tech Regional Cardiovascular Facility


St. Ann Center Builds Beautiful Respite Care Addition


Four More Floors for Froedtert


St. Ann Center First in US to Offer Intergenerational Care



New High Tech Regional Cardiovascular Facility

Two large cardiac operating rooms feature an array of technology including video screens to display X-ray, CT, echocardiogram and other images useful to the surgeons.Wheaton Franciscan Health Care All Saints Hospital opened a new $37 million Cardiovascular Institute on its sprawling campus at 3801 Spring St. in Racine. The CVI centralizes cardiac medical and surgical units formerly spread around the campus into one state-of-the-art facility designed to make it a destination for cardiac care in southeastern Wisconsin.

Riley Construction was general contractor on the project. Roman Electric was the electrical contractor on a $2.5 million project heavy on electrical requirements to satisfy the growing reliance on high technology systems. Rosie Fowler, WFHCAS vice president, said the CVI has many impressive lighting and electrical systems, with an emphasis on energy-efficiency and energy-saving features.

Energy Efficiency

The three cardiac catheterization labs are equipped with state-of-the-art GE equipment.Ben Kossow, senior project manager for Riley Construction, said, “It was a tough project but we had good rapport with Roman. They did a nice job.” Riley vp of operations Matt Prince said, “We’ve worked with Roman at the hospital for a lot of years. They always do a good job and always come through for us and the client.”

Ron Boecker, WFHCAS director, facilities & safety, handled project development for the hospital. He said the hospital and contractors had a great, exceptionally collaborative, project team. “Roman’s senior leaders provided great support,” he said. “They also had exceptional, responsive, field leadership. Much of the redesign of the three cardiovascular labs was electrical and Roman project foreman Scott Hobus handled it well. Roman was instrumental in the overall success of the project.”

St. Ann Center Builds Beautiful Respite Care Addition

St. Ann’s new 20,000 sq. ft. Respite Center offers temporary relief for caregivers by providing complete care for their loved ones for up to 20 days.St. Ann Center For Intergenerational Care, 2801 E. Morgan Ave., has added a two-story, 20,000 sq. ft. addition for respite care. With nine well-appointed, private guest rooms, the Respite Center has the pleasing look of a high quality bed and breakfast.

The Respite offers temporary relief to those providing care to loved ones with special needs. Caregivers who get sick, need a vacation or just a break can give their loved ones complete care at the Respite Center for up to 20 days.

A therapeutic whirlpool is one of many new features.Many amenities are included from whirlpool baths to espresso coffee. A fully equipped commercial kitchen provides three hot, healthy meals a day. Complete 24-hour care is afforded by experienced professionals. Medication management and medical supervision is available. Daily housekeeping is provided. And a variety of trips, arts, crafts, games, entertainment, discussions and seasonal activities are offered.

Added services include a variety of rehabilitation care, personal hygiene, massage therapy, aquatic programs, music therapy, hair and nail care, even religious and spiritual ministration.

Bentley Company was the general contractor for the Respite Center. Roman Electric served as electrical contractor on the job.

Sister Edna Lonergan, OSF, president and founder of St. Ann Center in 1983, was pleased with Roman’s work. “I wouldn’t go with any other electrical contractor,” she said. “The lighting is beautiful, absolutely extraordinary. I like the fact that Roman is very artistic. They installed the lighting in the entire facility. It’s not just creating lighting, it’s creating the right kind of lighting. Like for people with special needs. You want lighting that’s not glaring, that’s restful. Roman puts all that together for us in a very attractive way.”

Four More Floors for Froedtert

Froedtert Hospital, on the grounds of the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, added four stories to the south end of its building.Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, 9200 W. Wisconsin Avenue, increased its size with a four story addition to the south end of the building. Completed in 1999, the project included renovation of the lower level beneath the addition.

Roman Electric handled all the electrical work on the development, which added 95,000 sq. ft. of space for doctors’ offices, a new Cancer Center, outpatient surgery, administration and other medical services. Froedtert is a 469 bed not-for-profit teaching hospital on the grounds of the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center.

St. Ann Center First in US to Offer Intergenerational Care

In its new 43,000 sq. ft. facility, St. Ann Center provides intergenerational day care for infants, preschoolers, children 7 to 14, and seniors.With the opening of its new facility, St. Ann Center has taken a national leadership role in intergenerational care. St. Ann provides weekday care from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for infants, preschoolers, seniors and persons of all ages with disabilities.

In a new 43,000 sq. ft. building on a four acre wooded lot at 2801 E. Morgan Ave., St. Ann provides day care for seniors and children, outpatient rehabilitation, combined activities for young and old, and a variety of restorative services.

The building includes a unique 5,000 sq. ft. indoor park with trees, other plants and skylights. St. Ann also offers hair and nail care, whirlpool and personal baths, and retail shops and a cafe.

Sr. Edna Lonergan, OSF, president and founder of St. Ann Center, which began providing adult day care in 1983, strongly believes, “The young and old need, learn from, and heal each other. Our new Center was built from scratch with the philosophy, programs and environment for intergenerational activities.”

Eunice Kennedy Shriver of the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation, which helps fund the Center, said, “At St. Ann three generations will work with and help care for each other.”

Electric & Telecommunications

Working in the 5,000 sq. ft. indoor park, Roman cable technician Tom Golos installs one of 45 nurse call stations distributed throughout the facility.General contractor for the building was James Cape & Sons. Roman Electric handled design and installation of the complete electrical system. Roman’s Communications Division installed the maze of nine different types of telecommunications cable systems.

The nurse call cable system linked 45 call stations in two zones. Voice and data networks included 90 locations with category 5 cable for computers and 120 locations equipped with category 3 voice cable. Because of lengthy cable runs, fiber optic cable was installed between two telecommunications closets to maintain transmission quality. Fiber was also installed in the conference room for future teleconferencing.

Roman supervised installation of all hardware, software and a Wide Area Network (WAN) linking the new facility with the existing St. Ann building.

A T-1 high-speed digital telephone system was installed with 70 telephones, four courtesy phones, three exterior door phones and voicemail with 45 mailboxes. The intercom includes an amplifier and 40 overhead speakers.

An emergency telephone system automatically dials 911 and activates a light on the control board pinpointing the location of the emergency. Closed circuit TV security features 11 cameras, 10 video monitors and 24 hour VCR recording. And, finally, a stereo system provides background music.

Healthcare electrical systems


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