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Power Back-Up Convenience

If you lose your electrical power due to severe storms, transformer failures, summer brownouts, flooding, extreme cold or heat, how long could you afford to be without electricity?

People are concerned about damage to their largest investment – their home, and maintaining the comfort and safety they rely on. They don’t want to experience sump pump failure, or lose their lighting, heating, air conditioning or security system. They want to keep their food and medicine refrigerated. protect asthmatics with clean air, and maintain the freezer full of meat.

With a complete, fully automatic Emergency Standby Power System from Roman Electric you don’t have to throw a switch, push a button or do anything. The standby power goes on automatically whether you’re home or away.

When the power goes out, the transfer switch senses the loss of power, tells the generator outside to fire up, and the generator automatically transfers power to your electrical system bringing it immediately back on line. The more load demand you put on the generator, the bigger the generator you’ll need.

Complete Standby Power Systems Include:

  1. Whole-house generator backup system, fueled by natural gas or propane.
  2. Automatic transfer upon normal power loss.
  3. Complete professional electrical installation.
  4. Factory certification (Briggs and Stratton certified dealer).
  5. Turnkey installation, including gas piping.


Experience and Capability:


Shelter From The Storm


Protection Against Health Hazards


Flooding Protection


Comfort and Peace of Mind


Shelter From The Storm

Dennis Michalowski of Mukwonago had Roman Electric install a standby power generator to protect his house from power outages in his area. Dennis Michalowski of Oak Tree Drive in Mukwonago had Roman install a standby power system protecting his entire house. “We decided to get the generator because we lose power here a couple times a year in Spring and Winter,” Dennis said.

“The last time a tornado hit and we were out for 12 hours,” he said. “You’re looking at heat, your well, your septic – it’s pretty hard to go without a bathroom for 12 hours. And it usually happens when I’m gone and the wife’s home alone.

“I thought it was a good price so I didn’t see any down side to putting in a whole house generator. It turns on once a week to exercise itself otherwise just kicks in when needed. It cost around $8900.

“Roman did fine. They had a good work crew. The installation was quick and sharp. Their reply to any questions was good. I would rate them as doing a very good job.”

Protection Against Health Hazards

Charlie Case of Muskego had Roman install this standby power generator to make sure his wife gets the oxygen she takes 24/7. “We decided to put in a whole house generator because my wife is on oxygen 24/7,” said Charlie Case of Schubring Drive in Muskego. “When we had that storm here a few months ago a big pine tree fell across the wires and pulled them off the transformer. We were without power for over three days. But my neighbor’s got a generator and he ran a cord over to us and we got our oxygen off that.”

Charlie said he chose Roman because, “I had them wire up my dishwasher a few years ago and I was happy with them. Plus Mr. Fixit recommends Roman all the time. They did a good job. We don’t want the power to go out so we got it just in case we need it. It cost about $7200.”


Protection Against Flooding

Ralph Schmickel of Vernon said he would have lost everything in his finished basement during the heavy rainstorm without the standby power generator Roman installed. “During that heavy rain our electric was out for close to eight hours,” said Ralph Schmickel of Scotland Dr. in Vernon. “I’ve got a finished basement and would have lost everything if my two sump pumps with ½ hp motors hadn’t kept running. I just sat downstairs with the lights on watching TV during the storm. It was awesome!”

Ralph said his neighbor, whose basement flooded, lost his furnace, water heater, washer and dryer. “I’m really thankful I had the generator. It’s a blessing,” Ralph said. “The lights flickered, then went out. I said ‘Oh! Oh!’ and vroom, the motor came on and the lights went back on. It was just amazing what a great system it is. It kicks in automatically. It’s a great insurance policy. I was actually able to go to sleep during the storm.”

“That Anthony, Roman’s service manager, is personable and you feel good about him and Roman doing your work,” Ralph said. “That’s why I keep calling back. Roman installed a new 200 amp service for me and they’re doing some lighting work now too.”



Comfort and Peace of Mind

The owner of an Elm Grove home says this standby power generator installed by Roman Electric “makes our home more comfortable and provides peace of mind.”An Elm Grove resident had Roman Electric install a whole house standby power generator.

He said there are lots of trees in Elm Grove. When a strong wind or a storm comes through, a limb often comes down, knocks out a power wire and residents are without power for hours or sometimes days. It happens around three times a year.

He buried his electrical service but a lot of people don’t and many don’t trim their trees. Electric power lines are mostly overhead. So the wind comes up, a line goes down and everybody’s out of power.

“We’re tickled with our standby power system,” he said. “It makes our home more comfortable and provides peace of mind. The power went off again a couple weeks ago. When the neighborhood power goes out, at our home the lights go out and a few seconds later everything comes back on again.

A WISN TV crew films Roman service electrician Nick Jozwiak setting up the new generator.“In Elm Grove most everyone has a well. Sometimes there are sump pumps in the basement. So once your power goes out, first you have no running water. Then the basement may flood because the sump pumps aren’t working. Not to mention the refrigerator/freezer and the furnace/air conditioning. It’s necessary to keep candles and flashlights on hand at all times. Of course that is all in the past for us!

“Roman upgraded our power by installing a new 200 amp service in ’05, then we had WE Energies bury the service. Roman put in a new, larger circuit breaker box, added circuits and rewired most of the home. These homes were built in the '50s when people had very few electrical appliances and power came in on one skinny line. Now our home is updated to 2012 standards.

“Roman Electric has done an excellent job for us.”



  1. A Crew of Highly Skilled Electricians
  2. Continuous Training with an Emphasis on Safety
  3. A fleet of 50 Service and Bucket Trucks
  4. A staff of Professional Engineers, Designers and Technicians
  5. Full Service Design/Build Capability
  6. Wisconsin's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Experts
  7. Computer Cabling, Networking and Phone Systems
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