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Industrial  New Construction


Construction managers, general contractors, and owners and managers of a full range of industrial businesses have relied on Roman Electric since 1929 for skilled design and construction of their new facilities. Roman electrical engineers and designers can provide customized electrical power and lighting systems to fit the owner's needs and desires. Then Roman's crew of highly trained industrial electricians installs the system.


Electrical systems by Roman include the most effective distribution of power, maximum safety, use of highly efficient materials and tooling, compliance with all local codes, and complete customer satisfaction.


Experience and Capability:


Hamilton Sundstrand Relocates Motor and Generator Manufacturing Plant


New 448,000 Sq. Ft. Newspaper Production Plant for Journal Sentinel


Gardetto's Bakery Warehouse Addition for Snack Mix Production


New 80,000 Sq. Ft. Refrigeration/Distribution Center for Klement's Sausage




Hamilton Sundstrand Relocates Motor and Generator Manufacturing Plant


Hamilton  Sundstrand manufactures electric motors and generators on this  production line in its new 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Wispark's Pleasant  Prairie building.After an extensive search for a new location, Hamilton Sundstrand, a United Technologies Company, moved its Electromagnetics Enterprise from Rockford, IL to a Wispark Corp. facility in Pleasant Prairie. Roman TechNet installed the telephone and data networks in the 50,000 sq. ft. plant and Roman's Racine/Kenosha office installed the electrical system.


Hamilton Sundstrand, the first tenant to lease space in Wispark's 285,000 sq. ft. building, upgraded the electrical system from 1200 amps to 4000 amps. Electromagnetics manufactures electric motors and generators for aircraft, and custom engineered systems. In its power-intensive laboratory it tests products providing high horsepower in small packages.



Copper & Fiber Cable Networks

Roman      TechNet cable technician Ray Valazquez installs 12 strand fiber optics      cable for telephone and data in one of two communications closets.Roman TechNet cable technicians installed category 5 copper cable to 180 locations for the telephone and data lines. To reduce the length of the cable runs and ensure clear voice and data transmission, they also built two communications closets. The closets are connected to each other with 12 strand fiber optic cable which can be run longer distances than copper cable and is not affected by heavy magnetic components in the manufacturing and laboratory equipment. Roman added an exterior T1 digital carrier which provides greater band width, accommodating up to 24 voice lines on one pair of copper cable.


"I was impressed with the work of Roman communication technician Ray Velazquez," said Gary Dickes, manager of programs for Electromagnetics Enterprise. "He would often call asking us questions about telephone and data issues we hadn't even thought about. Now that we're using the facilities, I can really appreciate the value of his questions and suggestions."


Electromagnetics currently operates one manufacturing line but will add more. Construction manager for the new facility was Berghammer Corp. Roman Racine/Kenosha project manager Jerry Pipol and a crew of seven electricians installed the electrical system and wired the test lab equipment. Roman vp Phil Rose designed the plant and office lighting systems.  





New 448,000 Sq. Ft. Newspaper Production Plant for Journal Sentinel

Journal  Sentinel Inc.'s expansive new 448,000 sq. ft. production plant was  built on a 41 acre former industrial site south of Burnham St. and west  of 37th St.Journal Sentinel Inc. has built a 448,000 sq. ft. newspaper production plant on a 41 acre site south of W. Burnham St. between S. 37th St. and Miller Park Way. In the past, Babcock & Wilcox Co. and Inryco Inc. had been located there.


The      well-lighted production plant is illuminated by 4,650 fluorescent and      HID lamps installed by Roman Electric crews.The company will install new presses in phases with all being operational in the new plant by the end of the year. The Journal Sentinel building on 4th and State Streets will continue to be used for editorial and corporate offices.


Roman        foreman Paul Courtney turns on one of three 30,000 watt lighting        inverters, battery-powered units that will provide emergency power  to       lights for up to 90 minutes during a power outage.Working on a very tight time frame, Roman Electric installed over $3,000,000 worth of power and lighting systems with crews of up to 43 electricians in just six months. General contractor was The Austin Co., a Schaumburg, IL design/build contractor.


The huge plant will primarily be used for production, with some processing, storage and office space. Roman's work included installation of  power distribution, backup power, lighting and fire alarm systems including almost 2,000,000 ft. of wiring.

Sean Briggs was Roman project manager, Tom Hall was project superintendent, and Paul Courtney, Stan Radtke, Ken Beiro and Len Taylor were foremen on the job.












Gardetto's Bakery Warehouse Addition for Snack Mix Production

Standing at the controls of a huge production oven is John  Gardetto, president and chairman of the board.Had any Gardetto's SNAK-ENS or CHIPS & TWISTS lately? You're not alone. Gardetto's created the food industry's first snack mix in 1980 and now sells more than $70 million worth of the tasty morsels yearly.


Started as a retail bakery in 1932, the company decided to concentrate on bread sticks in 1970 when it built a new facility at 4625 S. 6th St. With its SNAK-ENS, "We created our own niche," says John Gardetto, president and son of the founder. "We developed a unique mix of seasoned bread sticks, two types of pretzels, rye chips and sesame bread nuggets."


Rapid Growth
The family-owned and -operated company (John, his wife Judy, and their children Nan, Johnny and Greg) quickly grew and has experienced almost exponential growth in the last four years. The plant was expanded several times and a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse addition now underway will increase total space to 160,000 sq. ft. The company also leases 50,000 sq. ft. of warehouse.


The new addition will be used to store $1 1/4 million worth of raw food components. Gardetto's manufactures and packages all the snack mixes, produces some of the raw foodstuffs and buys some. Finished snacks are sold in packages sized from 1 oz. to 48 oz. in a variety of locations.


30 Years with Roman
Eighteen vertical form-fill machines can package up to 111 1.7 oz.  bags of snack mix per minute.One constant at Gardetto's has been electrical work by Roman Electric. Since 1960 Roman has handled a variety of the company's electrical needs including the old and new plants, installing and moving production equipment, and handling electrical installations for additions including the new warehouse. "Seems like we have at least one Roman electrician here full time now," said John Gardetto. "In all the years Roman has worked with us, they've given us good service."


Executive vice president Nan Gardetto said today's Just-In-Time delivery requirements put added pressure on the company as well as its vendors. "As customers demand more of us," she said, "we demand more of our suppliers, and Roman has fulfilled our needs very well.


"We attribute our success to quality products and quality people who work hard, and expect the same from our vendors. Roman is also a good company with dedicated and knowledgeable people. We look at it as a partnership. As we grow, we hope Roman grows with us."


The new warehouse is being constructed by general contractor James Luterbach Construction Co. Because Gardetto's does a lot of business in the fourth quarter, storing inventory is critical to customer satisfaction. And the list of customers is growing. Gardetto's is represented by a network of food brokers who sell to distributors in the US, Canada, Mexico, England and Panama.



New 80,000 Sq. Ft. Refrigeration/Distribution Center for Klement's Sausage

Klement's new Distribution Center provides a refrigerated warehouse  for products being shipped to Midwestern markets.A new 80,000 sq. ft. Klement's Sausage Co. Refrigeration and Distribution Center means more Klement's sausages for Midwestern cookouts.


Jim   Brockman (right) Klement's vice president - engineering &   maintenance, and Roman electric foreman Russ Griswold, worked together   on Klement's huge new refrigeration facility.Located on a five acre site at 2650 South Chase Ave., Klement's recently opened Distribution Center includes a 22,000 sq. ft., 3,000,000 lb. capacity subzero freezer and a 24,000 sq. ft., 4,000,000 lb. capacity cooler. Cost of the new facility was $4,500,000. The new Distribution Center will allow Klement's, founded here in 1956, to expand its markets.

Complex Cooling  
To build the huge refrigeration plant, which took 14 months to complete, Jim Brockman, Klement's vice president - engineering & maintenance, served as general contractor. He chose Roman Electric for all the electrical work because, "They're dependable and honest people and their bid was competitive. Over the past 15 years they've done good work for us on other projects, including putting in a substation and wiring our plant when we doubled its size. Russ Griswold, one of their foremen, has helped us solve a number of electrical problems."


To power the new plant, Roman installed a 3000 amp, 277/480 volt service. Said Griswold, "It took a lot of engineering to build all the motor and fan coil controls and refrigeration wiring into one control room. To provide all that refrigeration to frost cycle cooling, we ran wiring to 50 motors, from 30 to 250hp, and 28 fan coil units."


Electrical work included wiring refrigeration compressors, a roof top condenser, switchgear, a step down transformer to provide power for 120 volt needs, interior lighting - mostly high pressure sodium fixtures, and exterior site lighting.




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