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Blue PrintMore and more industrial builders choose to rely on their electrical contractor for total design/build responsibility. General contractors, construction managers and owners prefer dealing with one supplier for both electrical design and construction because they have greater input and control. And they like the convenience of one contractor having total responsibility so it takes just one call to complete your project.

As a design/build electrical contractor, we like being able to provide the maximum impact on electrical system quality, efficiency and economy. So we continue to develop our staff of engineers, designers and technicians, and the CAD systems that facilitate design/build work.

The systems and components we design can include power, lighting, automation, low voltage controls, fire alarm, telephone, and data systems, depending on the specific job. When we're satisfied with the initial design our job foreman meets with the designer to provide field input. The result is a more efficient, economical way to accomplish the intent of the design, and reduces the number of changes needed during construction. The result is the most economical solution that meets the owners needs.


Experience and Capability:


Bradley Grows, Roman Helps


MetalTek Greatly Speeds Production with High-Tech Addition to Investment Foundry


Nitto Americas Builds 180,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing, Office and Warehouse Facility


Golden Books Constructs New 503,700 sq. ft. Manufacturing and Office Buildings


New Plant for The Custom Shoppe, Manufacturer of Custom Wood Furniture




Bradley Grows, Roman Helps

Bradley Corporation, headquartered in Menomonee Falls and known for its circular washfountains since 1921, has built a new manufacturing facility in Germantown. The industry leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories is the choice of customers from small local facilities to international corporations.

To accommodate growth, Bradley built a new 190,000 sq ft plant at W106 N13500 Bradley Way in the Germantown Industrial Park, with enough space to add another 100,000 sq ft. Manufacturing, distribution and warehouse operations take up 180,000 sq ft with the balance housing mezzanine offices on two stories.

Berghammer Construction Corporation was the general contractor on the job. Zimmerman Architectural Studios was the architect. Working on a design/build contract, Roman Electric installed the main power supply and power to the distribution panels, and lighting for the building interior, exterior and parking lot.

Roman president Phil Rose, who managed the project, said Bradley wanted a very energy-efficient building with reduced energy costs. “We put high bay fluorescent lamps in the manufacturing plant and warehouse which are divided into departments,” he said. “We installed occupancy sensors in many locations with programmable lighting controls so Bradley could turn lighting on and off as desired. It gives them great flexibility and very energy-efficient lighting.”

In the office they have several high, open ceiling areas with linear fluorescent fixtures that give the space an attractive expansive look while being very energy-efficient. “Overall, Bradley beat the state energy use lighting requirements by at least 50%,” Phil said.

John Pszonak, Berghammer project manager, said the light fixtures are T5 and T8, the most efficient available. Another factor in lighting the plant, he said, is that “there are a lot more windows here than in the typical manufacturing facility. The idea was to bring in a lot more sunlight so the employees don’t feel like they’re in a box, but part of the picturesque exterior landscape surrounding them.”

The building has an abundance of windows from floors to 30 ft high ceilings. John said the two story windows are unique for this type of building. “Developers don’t usually spend this kind of money because glass is basically $50 per sq ft versus a precast wall at $18 per sq ft,” he said.

“Roman did an excellent job,” John said. “Roman Electric is one of my favorite electricians. They did all the coordination, worked with the owner and provided extensive value engineering. They did a lot of VE to get this project within budget and help make sure the job went forward, changing everything from light fixtures to wiring to scope.”

Larry Stover, Bradley Corporation VP Staff Services & Logistics, said, “We appreciated all of Roman’s advice and support during our construction. Our employees are enjoying their new building. The lighting looks and works great.”


MetalTek Greatly Speeds Production with High-Tech Addition to Investment Foundry

MetalTek Investcast Division built this 29,000 sq. ft. addition to  its Watertown investment foundry to improve and increase its production  of tight-tolerance parts for difficult environments.MetalTek Investcast Division has built an addition to its Watertown investment foundry featuring a large and unique robotic system producing ceramic shells (molds). The shells are now produced in 24 hours as opposed to a process that had taken up to 10 days.


The 29,000 sq. ft. addition is attached to the original 40,000 sq. ft. plant. MetalTek Investcast produces specialized alloy, high-definition, tight-tolerance parts used as-cast with little or no machining. The parts are used in high-heat, abrasive or corrosive environments.


Roman electricians wired MetalTek Investcast's production equipment   including the total climate control components for this VA Tech  robotic  system that produces ceramic shells much faster than previously   possible. The plant is lighted by 1000 watt high-pressure sodium  lamps.Roman Electric was originally hired to install just the electrical service for the addition. But as Roman VP Phil Rose, project manager Greg Cottone and foreman Fred Freeman worked with general contractor Link & Associates, Roman's participation grew into a sizable $800,000 design/build project.


Roman removed the old overhead primary service, and installed a new 3000 KVA transformer and high-voltage switchgear with an underground feed to the new 4000 amp 480/277 volt transformer. Roman electricians added a new electrical system to the existing plant and re-lighted the building. In the addition, Roman wired the new building, wired and helped relocate existing equipment, and powered the new production equipment.


Roman installed primary switchgear that was recycled from County  Stadium, tested, certified and repainted. It includes room for adding  more primary power.At MetalTek's request, the primary switchgear used was recycled, then tested, certified, repainted and now serves as a cost-effective fully capable power component.


Bill Dossett, business development director for Link & Associates, said, "Roman did a fantastic job! They met very tight, very stringent time constraints thanks to their great planning and coordination. We'd take equipment down Friday night and Roman would have it up and running Tuesday morning. They had all the needed material on hand and even did pre-wiring to speed hookups. Things went really, really smooth and everyone was happy.


"Roman's a great company to work with. They're number one in service and always helped the other trades with power requirements. The Associated Building Contractors chose this job as an Industrial Project of Distinction and will present awards to us and Roman."


Dave Kirmse, engineering manager at MetalTek Investcast, said, "Roman was very responsive They did a lot of things above and beyond the call of duty whenever I needed help." Larry Koltz was also pleased with Roman's performance. VP of quality assurance and engineering services for Wisconsin Centrifugal, another MetalTek Division, he was part of the project development team. "Roman brought a lot of expertise to the job. We had to increase the power available and Roman did the engineering and installation. They did a very good job and did it expeditiously."


Nitto Americas Builds 180,000 Sq. Ft. Manufacturing, Office and Warehouse Facility

Nitto  Americas is building a 180,000 sq. ft. facility in Pleasant  Prairie to  manufacture its line of Permacel tapes and adhesives.Nitto Americas, a unit of Nitto Denko, Osaka, Japan, the world-wide leader in manufacturing tapes and adhesives for a variety of commercial applications, is building a new 180,000 sq. ft. facility in Pleasant Prairie. The company chose the Lakeview Business Park location, a Wispark Development, to benefit from the area's central location, several good technical colleges nearby, relatively low-priced electrical and gas rates, and the Midwest work ethic.


Nitto Americas owns 87 acres in the Business Park and plans to build more manufacturing, warehousing, R&D, and headquarters structures. The $200 million seven-building campus will house its U.S. headquarters, now located in New Jersey.


Control   wiring for an unwinder on the process line is installed by  Roman   electrician Jason Schuebel.Roman Electric is handling design/build of the electrical system for general contractor Berghammer Corp. Roman crews installed a 24.9KV primary substation, the distribution system, lighting, branch power, and the fire alarm network. To achieve electric service redundancy, the electrical system's four transformers can receive power from each of two primary switches.


Roman also had separate contracts with two suppliers of manufacturing systems to install wiring for coating line ovens, an oxidizer and process equipment.


Roman   TechNet cable installation foreman Dan Patterson works on  one of three   head end cable cabinets in the plant.Roman TechNet was also key in the construction. TechNet web site specialists set up and kept current a dedicated web site to give representatives from the owner, contractors and suppliers access to the latest job site details.


Roman TechNet cable technicians installed a redundant fiber optic ring and five telecommunications closets in the plant to service all data locations with Cat 5 cable and make sure the data system is always up and running.


In the offices, TechNet installed 125 data and 75 voice lines, a Northern Telecom telephone switch, and 4" conduit from the building under future roads to accommodate fiber lines for future buildings.


Craig Eischen, Berghammer project manager, said, "This was a unique job for Roman because they were hired by us, did work for Nitto directly, and worked for equipment suppliers. They're doing an excellent job dealing with multiple groups and different people at the same time, and satisfying each with service and manpower." Don Pirlot, Nitto Americas plant manager, was also pleased. "Roman is on time with everything. Project manager Gabe Rose and his crew are doing a great job," he said.


Other major contributors for Roman included Phil Rose, who designed the electrical system, project superintendent Len Sagan and foreman Brian Paulick.


Golden Books Constructs New 503,700 sq. ft. Manufacturing and Office Buildings

Image 1:  Golden Books' new facility in Sturtevant's Renaissance Business Park  provides 503,700 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space. | Image 2:  Roman electrician Chuck De Lotell installs bus duct high above the  manufacturing plant, which has the capacity to produce 300,000,000 books  per year.Golden Books Publishing Co. - the largest publisher of children's books in North America - broke ground in mid-July of '97 for a $39 million complex on 33 acres in Sturtevant's Renaissance Business Park. With fast-paced construction , a new 442,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant was completed February 2nd, and the company's 61,700 sq. ft. office building will be finished in early April.


Golden Books (formerly Western Publishing) has produced books in Racine since 1907. The publisher will lease the new complex from developer First Industrial Realty Trust of Rosemont, IL. General contractor on the project is Berghammer Corp. of Butler. Roman Electric was awarded a $3.2 million contract for all the electrical work.


Roman vice president Phil Rose said, "This was a very, very fast design/build project, done in just six months. We designed the complete electrical system from power distribution to lighting." Crews of 43 electricians worked 10 hour days and Saturdays to meet the tight schedule.


Huge Power Demand
The enormous facility is fed with 10.4 megawatts of electrical power capacity, enough to power 2,100 homes. The plant's primary service also has future capacity for another 14 megawatts. The distribution system includes almost two miles of high voltage cable feeding six primary transformers. Nearly 150 miles of copper cable and 2500 ft. of bus duct deliver power where needed in the plant.


The manufacturing area is lighted by 362 high-efficiency 1000 watt metal halide lamps. Offices are lighted by 5,600 fluorescent lamps. 54 million lumens of light are produced.


Lighting in the manufacturing building is controlled by a computerized energy management system. Infrared and ultrasonic occupancy sensors control lighting in the administration building. Because both systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency, total energy used for all interior and exterior lighting is only 650 kilowatts, much less than the usage allowed by the state's new energy-efficiency code.


According to Andy Justman, project manager for Berghammer, "With the size of the buildings, the amount of equipment, pads for the equipment, the large presses and the very fast pace, the speed of completion was quite a feat. We're very happy to have Roman on our team. They're doing a great job. They've met or exceeded our expectations." Berghammer supervisors on the job were Dan Nord and Scott Nord.


New Plant for The Custom Shoppe, Manufacturer of Custom Wood Furniture

From  right, The Custom Shoppe president Frank Krejci, executive vice  president Mike Smith and facilities manager Jim Frey agreed that, One of the reasons for Roman Electric's growth to a major contractor with over 300 employees is an emphasis on service. Frank Krejci, president of The Custom shoppe, a manufacturer of custom wood furniture in Watertown, says, "We build high quality furniture and are very customer-oriented. Roman is also dedicated to customer service. They listen well, understand our needs, and come up with solutions."


Customer satisfaction is always the goal at both Roman and The Custom Shoppe. "Since our plant burned down last March," Krejci said, "we've been scrambling to satisfy our customers and build a new plant. Roman has been a big help. They've moved and rewired machinery, and delivered instant service as needed. Our new 100,000 sq. ft. plant will be ready in June and Roman supplied valuable input on a fast-track job. Like us, they're creative and provided advice and capability that helped give us a cost-effective facility."



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